In addition to being a it's doggytime atti, scarlet asher jun 2016Rescue Organization,

we also offer various services for all kinds of canines!

FB Grizzly ty for support Fall 2018Since we’re not a charitable organization, the money we spend on food, supplements, vetting, etc. for ALL of our Rescue Dogs comes directly out of our pockets and cannot be claimed on quarterly tax reports or year-end taxation. 

That being said, the business services we provide help to pay some of our Rescue expenses, making it possible for us to continue helping dogs in need.

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And of course we always love to spend time with our former Rescues who now have their F♥rever Homes!

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OUR SERVICES:   cropped-2018-dt-tm.jpg


Doggytime™Canine Education Course (DCEC)

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This course offers both canine behavioural counselling and training. The DCEC combines our Training program to personally work with your dog, AND our PUP PARENT SYSTEM to help you gain fundamental understanding of your dog’s needs.

During training, we focus on trust, using structure, rules and boundaries, in addition to health, exercise, mental stimulation, socialization and of course affection!


Once your dog has graduated, it’s time to implement our PUP PARENT SYSTEM! This section of the DCEC is designed to aid you and your dog at home by teaching you how to continue his education and heighten yours!

The system entails personal coaching and demonstrations of what your dog has learned during training, as well as an “At Home” structure plan.

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*Course duration varies for each dog (minimum 2 weeks requirement to enroll)


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This 6 Phase course incorporates Telephone Consultations and Email Correspondance, complete with exercises and “homework”. The course is designed to help humans understand their dog’s emotional needs and countercondition undesirable behaviour through positive reinforcement.

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Natural Care and Raw Feeding Instruction:

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We provide Natural Care which include Holistic options for common ailments such as allergies, illness, disease and parasite prevention, often without the use of conventional drugs or chemicals.

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We educate people on the benefits of a Raw Diet for dogs with Step-by-Step Instructions on how to do this yourself!


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Check-In Service:

We offer Pet Sitting with our ‘Check-In’ Service for those who work long hours or are going out of town. Our Care provides your dog with attention, affection, exercise and all his needs!

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Our Canine Guests are treated with the same loving care as our own furry family members and Rescues ♥♥♥


Your dog will enjoy plenty of outdoor activities including nature walks, social gatherings and playtime!

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Bed & Breakfast includes two yummy meals per day, treats, naptime and cuddles! ♥


Click “How To Book Your Dog With Us” when your furry family member is ready for some DOGGYTIME™♥

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Custom Designed Service:

We offer Leash Walking Instruction, Puppy Training, Crate Training, Socialization, Nail Clip Tutorial, Ear Cleaning Instruction and more, all custom designed to suit the needs of you and your furry friend!

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We also offer the following extra services~

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  • Nail Clips

  • Deep brushing and blow-out with our high velocity doggy blowdryer (for dogs with thick undercoats)

  • Shuttle Service within 1 hour of Trent Hills, ON

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We’re always available to share our knowledge. If you have a question or concern about your dog’s health, diet or behaviour, please contact us and we’ll try to help.

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*Please note that we do not have licensed veterinarians on staff. Advice given in regards to health is based on preventative care and natural alternatives. If you have a medical emergency for your dog, please contact your local vet immediately.
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