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At Doggytime we provide a unique dog service by using Natural Care combined with our Training  Techniques on each and every dog who comes to us!

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All of our canine clients, along with Surrendered Dogs and Fosters all benefit from this same level of care!

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We Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome Dogs of all breeds from all walks of life, regardless of breed, age or circumstance.

You can view our dogs looking for their Furever Homes here: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter92399-dogs.html

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We are 100% anti-BSL and are striving to do everything possible to repeal the current legislation in place and end the discrimination!

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Doggytime also provides a safe haven for Foster Dogs from various other Rescue Facilities.

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We are Pet First Aid Certified, Insured and Bondable.

We offer Pet sitting with our Check-In Service as well as Doggy Nail Clips, Baths, Blowdries and Brushing.

Various forms of Training are offered to those who need individual correction and direction.

We believe in Raw Feeding and not over-vaccinating.
Natural Care Service is available to learn more about how to obtain maximum health for your dog!

We do this ‘For the Love of Dog’

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Behavioural Counselling and Training:

We help dogs by teaching people how to effectively become their dog’s Pack Leader. Our Training Program delivers results you’ll see immediately in your dog!

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Natural Care and Raw Feeding Instruction:

We provide Natural Care which includes Holistic options for common ailments, illness, disease and parasite prevention, without the use of conventional drugs or chemicals. We educate people on the benefits of a Raw Diet for dogs with Step-by-Step Instructions on how to do this yourself!

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Check-In Service:

We offer Pet Sitting with our ‘Check-In’ Service for those who work long hours or are going out of town. Our Care provides your dog with attention, affection, exercise and all his needs!

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Extra Care:

We offer Leash Walking Instruction, Puppy Training, Nail Clips, Baths, Blowdries and Brushing.

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We’re always available to share our knowledge. If you have a question or concern about your dog’s health or behavior, please contact us and we’ll try to help!

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Training: Initial Enrollment Fee = $45.00

Training Program = starting rate of $45.00 for 1 hour of service                    sweetest storm may 2015  

Natural Care Service: Starting rate of $35.00 for 1 hour of serviceoz & darwin may 2015

Leash Walking Instruction: Starting rate of $35.00 for 1 hour of service12081468_10156126416795203_182696841_n

Check-In Service: Starting rate of $25.00 per dayFB jax and benji

Nail Clips: Initial Nail Clip = $10.00 Maintenance Nail Clips (approximately every two weeks) = $5.00

Bath, Blowdry and Brushing = $45.00

Brush and Blowdry only (includes the use of our ‘High Velocity’ blow dryer to blow out the undercoat) = $15.00miss hope jun 2015

Custom Designed Pricing:

We realize that every dog is unique and each dog’s needs are different. We provide custom pricing based on your dog’s specific needs, activity level, severity of behavioral issues, duration of training, extra services and so on.Simba impressing Crash nov 2015


Contact us directly to discuss how we can help!FB CM TA D OHDP DG PAS HVN TWT daisy gives her heart web


Contact us by email to book your FREE Introductory Visit!

We schedule Visits by appointment to discuss the specific needs of your dog.

After completion of the Visit, we can book your dog’s unique service, complete with a written quotation.

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Telephone: 905-424-0124

Email: info@doggytime.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/doggytimehome

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarmasDoggytime

Website: http://www.doggytime.net

Location: Trent Hills, ON

 Doggytime is always  ‘For the Love of Dog’ and we want to love yours too! Contact us today!FB DDD ILMM CM TWT TA bun cover

6 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Loretta,
      Thank You for asking? BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation. Here in Ontario, as well as various other places around the world, it is enforced by government. We are against BSL as it targets a specific breed, namely the Pit Bull or any Pit Bull mix dog, as well as any dog who resembles the Pit Bull according to Animal Services! Breed Specific Legislation is no different than racism as it solves nothing, but creates only turmoil and suffering for any dog falling into this category! In many cases, these dogs are killed for no other reason than what they look like! BSL is simply discriminatory and is teaching our children that judging others is okay!! We strive to eradicate this legislation by educating people that regardless of breed, a dog is simply a dog. All dogs are capable of showing aggression and all dogs can bite. Not just Pit Bulls! Please help us to end this ban that’s been tearing families apart for over a decade here in Ontario! You can show your support by Liking the Hershey Anti BSL Group https://www.facebook.com/Supporting.Hersheys.Bill/?fref=photo. Their facebook page offers a ton of information and links to make your voice heard! You’re of course welcome to check out our facebook page as well at https://www.facebook.com/doggytimehome/. We post often and try to keep the public up to speed with many different dog topics as well as our never ending fight against BSL!
      Yours truly,
      Carmella with Doggytime

    • Hi Tim,
      Please send us an email at info@doggytime.net and we’d be more than happy to send you an Adoption Application! This is the first step in our Adoption Process. In your email, you can also provide details as to the type of dog you’re looking for (age, M or F, breed, temperament, etc).
      Thanks so much for reaching out!
      Carmella with Doggytime

  1. Hello I was referred to you from a friend about dog surrendering. I can no longer keep my dog due to long hours of work I feel I can no longer give him the time and attention.

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