my claire transparent jan 2019***IMPORTANT***Prior to filling out our application form, please note our holistic practices, policies and requirements for adopting any Doggytime™Canine Care & Rescue dogs.

Bundle of Joy

Dog Adoption Requirements: ♥

– Our adoptable dogs have received a rabies vaccination, which we believe and studies have shown, remains active in a dog’s bloodstream for most of, if not all of the dog’s life.
We do not agree with over-vaccinating and ask you to consider titer testing as an option.

– All of our dogs have been spayed/neutered, with the exception of underage dogs or seniors. With underage dogs, adoption remains under a temporary status until which time the dog has been
spayed/neutered (no younger than 6 months of age and no older than 18 months of age). Once certification is produced which shows that said dog is no longer intact, adoption becomes final. This is to help prevent pet overpopulation.

– Our adoptable dogs receive a species-appropriate diet of Raw meat, bones, organs, green tripe and vegetables.
We expect you to continue feeding a Raw Diet for the duration of the dog’s life. Doggytime™ provides one full week of Raw Meals, coupled with our Raw Food Training to all new doggy parents.

– We do not use conventional/chemical flea, tick or heartworm preventatives for our dogs, but instead utilize holistic and natural alternatives. We ask that you continue this regime.
All holistic preventatives will be shared with new doggy parents.

– Many dogs become very stressed adjusting in their new adoptive home. Doggytime™ offers support for this transition utilizing our “Pup Parent System”. The six phases of the system incorporate both telephone consultations and email correspondance, complete with exercises and “homework”. This support comes with every Doggytime™ adoptable dog at no extra charge. We expect adopters to follow through with our system to ensure a happy and healthy outcome for these dogs. ♥


Dog Adoption Process: ♥

Our Adoption Application is the first step in our Adoption process.
If your application meets our standards, you will then be contacted to arrange a telephone interview.

We then schedule a “Home Visit”, where we meet you and perform a home inspection (your yard, fence, front and back doors, proximity to highway/busy streets, etc.)

Next is the first “Meet and Greet” here at Doggytime™Canine Care & Rescue, where you’ll be introduced to the dog you’re applying for.
If there is an existing dog in your household, the “Meet & Greet” can take place on neutral ground, and we usually conduct a minimum of two Meets so both dogs can get familiarized with one another more gradually.

Upon satisfactory completion of the steps in our adoption process, including at least one successful “Meet & Greet”, adoption will be approved and you’ll be able to take your new family member home with you within one week of a successful introduction.

If you are in agreement with these terms, please proceed to our Adoption Application link above. ♥

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