At Doggytime™ we provide a unique dog service by using Natural Care combined with our Training  Techniques on each and every dog who comes to us!

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All of our canine clients, along with our Rescue Dogs all benefit from this same level of care! ♥

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We Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome Dogs of all breeds from all walks of life, regardless of breed, age or circumstance.


You can view our dogs looking for their F♥rever Homes here: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter92399-dogs.html

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We are 100% anti-BSL and are striving to do everything possible to repeal the current legislation in place and end the discrimination!

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Doggytime™ also provides a safe haven for Foster Dogs from various other Rescue Facilities.

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We are Licenced, Pet First Aid Certified, Insured and Bondable.FB TA TWT me and bundle at moms

We offer Pet sitting with our Check-In Service as well as Doggy Nail Clips, Deep Brushing and Shuttle Service.

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Various forms of Training are offered to those who need individual correction and direction through our DCEC (Doggytime™ Canine Education Course).

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We believe in Raw Feeding and not over-vaccinating.
Natural Care Service is available to learn more about how to obtain maximum health for your dog!


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